Some brides know exactly what they want, (and in some cases what they don’t) and sometimes they throw out a few key words that help guide you to the new place.   Both are good, but the latter requires a few more smart questions.

That’s one of the reasons I love Pinterest.  I gather all kinds of beautiful images knowing one day I’ll need a new place to start.  Pinterest creatively rescues me.  I don’t look at other’s cakes though.  That’s the rule.  All the inspiration has to come from a totally different mediums.  Fashion is a never ending supply of pretty.

I’m in love with this dress.  I wish I could wear it to work, but flour would really ruin the sparkle.  Maybe I should get a new job…



Based on all this loveliness, I created a three tier  wedding cake for a celebration at the Ace Hotel.  Delicate gold flouncy flowers, edible gold glitter and sequins, which in the wrong combination could be way over the top, but here, placing them in the center and softening from the center out, they created a soft, glamorous focal point.  evy (7 of 12)