To me it’s a sneaker cake.  I’ve made it before, I’ll likely make it again.  When I repeat cakes its easy to get a little jaded.  Sneaker cakes are very popular and it’s one I’m very comfortable making.

deshawn's sneaker cake

 To Deshwan and his family this was more than just a sneaker cake.   Remember, I make memories, (delicious ones at that)  and  just in case I had forgotten this for a moment, I was quickly reminded.  Deshawn and his family had been planning this party for his younger brother who was newly engaged and moving to California.   So many emotions wrapped up in the event, and a lot of that was transferred into the cake.  They wanted it to be just right, to be something he would love, and his sneaker collection was the inspiration.   Since it was a going away party, I suggested adding some edible photos to the display that made it more personal.   The idea excited Deshawn and he started sending me tons of photos.  I work hard on every cake I make, but I feel a deep sense of privilege and obligation when I’m acutely aware that what I’m making has so much meaning wrapped up into it.

I don’t often get to do my own deliveries.   So I often miss seeing the reaction when a client first set eyes on their cake.  So much goes into their planning… time, thought and money.  So many hopes are invested in what this custom cake creation will actually be.   They think they know what it will be like, but there is always a special magic when the cake comes to life for them.  When I delivered this cake everyone gathered round, taking photos while it was still in the box.  I reached out to shake their hands and was hugged instead.   Mom had tears in her eyes.   My cake, my sneaker cake that I had made before, brought her to tears.   This is why I love making cakes.  I’m honored that I was able to be a part of their joy… of their history, and helped them make a sweet memory.  And so happy I was there to see it.