One of the great perks of delivering my own cakes was that occasionally, if I was lucky, I would get to see the moment when a child would first see their birthday cake.  Busier now, and even more lucky to have help, I don’t always get to see reactions to the cakes I create.  So its always a joy for me to see the photos coming in after the cake has been eaten, the sugar coma and celebration are over.


When the kids are young, a child’s birthday cake may be a bit more about the creative ideas of the parents than the child’s.  First birthday cakes are a big deal, but then how many creative preferences does a one year old really have?  Noodles with tomato sauce?  Without?   This cake was a creative brainstorm, combining mom and dad’s heritages (and the tartans that represent them) fighting it out for the attention of young William. He was much more interested in his giraffe toy made from white chocolate that the two were fighting over.   Will played with it a bit until something else took his attention.

Jack, being a bit older, was obsessed with sharks.  So for his swim party, he was presented with a yummy fifth birthday shark cake.    A little nervous about scaring the kids, I emailed his mom that the shark for the top of the cake was kind of realistic.  I was more worried than she was, and Jack adored his shark.  I hear that the shark head lived in their fridge for a very long time…joyfully scaring them every time they opened the door.


I’m a great lover of other people’s children.  So sometimes, when certain cakes are requested, I have to do some research.  I had no idea who Super Why was.  But learning about new subjects is why I adore making cakes.  Same reason I liked making documentaries.  You get to delve into something, become a little expert and then move on to the next thing.  I loved getting to know Super Why, and having him around for a bit until the cake was ready for him to take his place on.  Thanks to Anabella for teaching me!

As with every other cake, children’s birthday cakes are as individual as the kid they are for.  And like with every cake, they should be all about the guest of honor, no matter the age.