Taking a peek at all the amazing inspiration at this year’s Style Shop, hosted by Brides Magazine, I almost wish I were a bride again!  Our 10th wedding anniversary is around the corner, and while I wouldn’t change much – except for my dress drama- its fun to imagine what I would do if I started again today.

Its was an honor for Brides to ask me to participate with so many amazing vendors, like Kleinfeld, Bendel’s and Essie.   There were complimentary delicious passed appetizers, yummy cake, manicures, make up and hair sessions, and a gorgeous display, that included a bride hanging from a chandelier, from the beginning of the event, not just at the end.    Seriously, I kept thinking that groom mannequin was real…. it was totally starring at me.

These kinds of opportunities really make me stretch my imagination.   Without the guiding parameters that a bride will come to me with already in place, the scope is limitless.  I wanted to make a bold fantasy wedding cake and my gold and red glitter adorned cake did just that.   Of course it could easily be toned down in tones of white for a less intensely colored palette.

Unique perspective... photo Lauren Carrescia Niesenson


I’m already looking forward to next year.