The great creative challenge for me is to include really disparte elements….  so many varied loves of the person the cake is for… into one cohesive cake design.   This one was tough… how would you combine Queens NY, Manhattan and New Cannan CT?    Oh, yeah, and working out,  shopping and loving your kids, and shoes….  And tell a single story at the same time?   So this is where one of my super powers comes in.  I have a unique ability to bring crazy “one of these things is not like the others” details together.

So for a woman turning 40, who loves the finer things, I fashioned a Louis Vuitton style trunk cake into a memory box for her present and her past.  It was filled with mementos of the things she loves, Azzedine Alia, a dirty martini, and tokens to her 3 children.

I spent 6 1/2 hours painting the little squares onto the base of the trunk, only to cover so many of them with the details!  But if you’re looking for high quality, that’s the way to do it. Wouldn’t want to peek behind something and find a cheat…  The shoes by themselves took more than 4 hours.  There is more than 23 hours of work in this birthday cake and it shows.  This cakestory blends Queens Boulevard and LL Cool J with a Range Rover and Louboutins, and not for a moment do you wonder why something is there.  It all makes sense, and like our lives, its a jumble of our contradictions. What would your Cakestory be?



lv trunk cake-Edit