The Big Chocolate Show

big-chocoalte-showAlways wanted to know how to make our amazing chocolate chip cookies?  Want to take them over the top?  Fill them with cookie butter and make a sandwich cookie.

big-chocoalte-show-2On this past Saturday afternoon I showed lucky attendees of the brand new Big Chocolate Show all my tips and tricks for making what I think are the perfect chocolate chip cookies.  And here is the recipe for you to  make them at home.

What is my idea of the perfect chocolate chip cookie?  For me its substantial, crunchy and chewy and most importantly packed with a whole lot of great chocolate.  For  this one we used Valrhona Caraibe, a 66% dark chocolate.  I use the pieces whole, so that when the cookie bakes I get shards of chocolate spread throughout.

Its very important to chill the dough fully before baking, mostly to control spread, but there is also a bit of flavor melding going on there that really improves the overall taste.  You can scoop them, chill and bake immediately, or you you can resist, you can freeze the raw scooped dough and bake them whenever you want fresh cookies.  (or sometimes sneak the raw cookie dough to snack on)

You’ll also want to make sure the butter is melted and cooled.  Hot butter added to the sugar will change the spread too.  Baking from frozen will take longer than from chilled so don’t be surprised if yours take a bit longer than the estimated times.  big-chocoalte-show-3

After the cookies have cooled, I make the cookie butter and pipe mounds of it onto an upturned cookie, and top with another.  We use a meringue buttercream at the shop, but the recipe below is for an American Buttercream.  Either way will be great, but the American version will be a bit sweeter.

Its a good idea to chill them a bit to set, but them bring them back to room temperature to enjoy.

Happy Baking!

Sugar Couture’s   Chocolate Chip Cookie   

Yield 20 1 oz cookies



¾ cup (6 oz) white sugar

¾ cup (4.5 oz) brown sugar

6 oz unsalted butter, melted and cooled

2 1/5 cups (11 oz) All purpose flour

¾ tst salt

½ tsp baking powder

½ t baking soda

1 tsp vanilla

1 egg

1 yolk

1 cup (5 oz) high quality chocolate pieces or chips




  1. Melt butter and set aside to cool down.
  2. Combine flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda in a bowl and whisk to combine.
  3. In the bowl of a standing mixer with the paddle attachment, cream cooled butter with white and brown sugar
  4. Add egg and then yolk to the creamed butter and sugar.   Add vanilla and mix to combine
  5. Stop the machine and add half the flour mixture. Mix to combine.   Repeat with the remaining flour mixture.
  6. Stir in chocolate pieces by hand.
  7. Scoop cookies with one ounce pastry scoop. Alternately you can use a table spoon to portion or roll into a log, chill and cut even 1/3” rounds.
  8. Its best to refrigerate the portioned cookies overnight. You can also freeze them at this stage in a single layer on a sheet tray. Once fully frozen you can place them in a zip lock bag and keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to bake them.
  9. TO BAKE: Pre heat oven to 325 degrees. Place cookies on parchment lined cookie sheets with at least 3 inches between them. Place in preheated oven and bake for 16-20 minutes, until cookies are golden brown around the edges and still a little soft in the centers. Move to a rack to cool.





3/4 pound soft butter

1 pound powdered sugar

2Tbs heavy cream

1 t vanilla


  1. Beat soft butter in the bowl of standing mixer until homogenous.
  2. Turn mixer off and add powdered sugar.
  3. Add cream and vanilla and mix until light and fluffy, about 8 minutes.


Cookie Butter Buttercream

5 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

3 T canola oil
1 recipe buttercream


  1. Process cookies in a food processor or blender until crumbly. Add enough oil to form a paste. If necessary warm water can be added in 1tbs increments to form a paste.
  2. Mix into buttercream
  3. Pipe into the center of baked and cooled cookie and top with a second cookie.
  4. Chill to set. Remove to room temperature to enjoy.







How To: Making Edible Sugared Flowers

For the midsummer’s night dream petit four table we were looking for a special delicate touch to decorate the tops of our yummy almond petit fours.  Edible flowers  in hues of purple and yellow, with the crisp shimmer of sugar came to immediately to mind.  After the pretty pictures hit the web, I was asked how we did it…   so here you go.


You’ll need:

Sheet tray

Parchment paper

Paint brush for food use only

Edible flowers, we used pansies

Pasteurized egg white

½ cup Sugar


2 small bowls


First, head to your trusted local florist and purchase a larger plant grown as naturally as you can find.  I like purchasing the plant because it keeps on giving…   and you can continue to harvest over and over.  Rose Red & Lavender is my local florist of choice.


Before you cut them, give them a good wash with clean water and allow them to dry on the plant, in the sun if possible.


Harvest the flowers by clipping the stems, leaving about a ½ so that you can easily move them about.

Prepare a work surface with a piece of parchment, a sheet tray lined with parchment, food use paint brush, and a small plate.  Grab a teaspoon while you’re at it.

Place ½ cup of sugar in a food processor and pulse to grind it as fine as you can.  Place this in a small bowl.

In another small bowl, whisk one egg white with a tablespoon of water until combined and a bit frothy.  I would suggest purchasing already separated whites for this since there will be no cooking and these egg whites have been pasteurized.

To make the candied flowers, dip the paint brush in the egg white, and paint the top or face of the flower gently, coating it well.   Place the flower on the plate, face down, and paint the back with the frothy white….  I love that word frothy.


Place the wet flower face down into the sugar and spoon sugar to cover the entire flower.   Pull the flower up gently… did I mention you have to be gentle through the whole process?… and place it face down on the parchment lined sheet tray.  Allow this to air dry for about 24 hours and then you can peel them up … again gently… and tuck them away in an airtight container for up to 3 months.


What do they taste like?   Well, not much of anything, but aren’t they pretty?  If you’re looking for flavor, consider using rose petals, violets or lavender instead.