Nintendo AND Disney AND Cake

I’ve adored all things Disney since my first trip to Orlando in 1975. So when the lovely Jarita from Nintendo World called about a cake for a Disney event, I was honored to get to bring them both to life in cake. I’ve worked with Nintendo world before on Luigi’s 30th birthday cake and Zelda’s anniversary shield.  They are such fun projects to create based on much adored characters and images.  The special event this past weekend was the launch of Disney Magical World.  The game is set around a castle, not unlike Cinderella’s castle in Disney World, so of course the cake had to be a castle!  I couldn’t wait to get started.


Two weeks went into creating this castle cake that sat 27″ tall at the highest spire, and 22 inches wide at the base.

Spires were made from cereal treats and the rest of this baby was all cake.  And we even managed to get a hidden Mickey in there.

I’m not usually around for the ceremony, but thought it would be fun to come back to help them cut the cake for the hundreds of fans that waited in line from 10am.  When we arrived, we were so excited to see that G Hannelius from the Disney show Dog with a Blog was there to cut the cake!

1506842_683586061708005_6941848285412790904_n photo 5

And after building it up for so carefully for so long, we took it down piece by piece… without a moment of sadness or regret.  Our cakes are delicious and made to be eaten.

castle destruction

Can’t wait to see what’s next from Nintendo.



Custom Canvas Cake for an Artistic Birthday Party

My mom was a crafter and a keeper, and my “art work” was a mainstay of almost every holiday’s decoration.   On Valentine’s Day she would pull out the various paper hearts I had made, for Easter, the eggs, and of course, let’s not forget the paper hand turkeys.   No matter how beaten up and torn those paper decorations would get, glitter missing from all the key spots, she’s still hang them with pride all over the house.

I now know she was not alone.  A little crazy, but not alone… What mom doesn’t adore the work of their little artist?  Enter the idea for a kid’s birthday cake that I just adore…. The birthday cake is decorated like a framed canvas, left blank in the center, waiting for the magic touch of the birthday girl or boy and their friends.   Delivered along with edible paints and a set of brushes, the cake becomes an activity, a great moment during the party when the child gets to be part of the creation of their very own canvas cake.    One good photo later and the short life of the cake is preserved for an eternity.  Frame the photo and now you really have created a special memory that keeps longer than construction paper hearts.


Custom Canvas Cake

Mia’s 3rd Birthday Cake

Last January, I was challenged to come up with a delicious and kid friendly dairy free and soy free chocolate recipe for Russel’s birthday cake.  Jake and the Neverland Pirate’s inspired it, which was in the shape of a treasure chest, map of his favorite places for the board, and of course some gold coins.

When August came around, Russel’s parents called again, this time for Mia.  Mia was turning three and when they asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said a cake like her brother’s.  Didn’t that just make me feel all warm and fuzzy…  Don’t remember exactly what I would have asked for when I was three, but likely it came in a cardboard box and required assembly and/or batteries.

Mia carries a stuffed owl and wanted it to be the focus of her birthday cake.  There was some debate if it would be an owl inspired by Winnie the Pooh, or the one she carries, but in the end, to me, whatever is most personal is the best way to go.

Mia and her Owl

What really makes Mia’s owl special is its hot pink sparkly collar, that holds a heart shaped locket.   Its what makes it hers and of course it had to be included. The owl itself had definitely seen some action, so we decided to focus on a more groomed version of it.

Her parents were pretty sure that she would love it no matter, maybe not notice any differences in it.  But to me, the most important thing to me was that when Mia saw it, she recognized it as hers.   As a throwback to the Winnie the Pooh theme, we decided on a forest log for the cake.  This way, Mia wouldn’t have to cut into her owl if she didn’t want to.

What would your cakestory be?