My mom was a crafter and a keeper, and my “art work” was a mainstay of almost every holiday’s decoration.   On Valentine’s Day she would pull out the various paper hearts I had made, for Easter, the eggs, and of course, let’s not forget the paper hand turkeys.   No matter how beaten up and torn those paper decorations would get, glitter missing from all the key spots, she’s still hang them with pride all over the house.

I now know she was not alone.  A little crazy, but not alone… What mom doesn’t adore the work of their little artist?  Enter the idea for a kid’s birthday cake that I just adore…. The birthday cake is decorated like a framed canvas, left blank in the center, waiting for the magic touch of the birthday girl or boy and their friends.   Delivered along with edible paints and a set of brushes, the cake becomes an activity, a great moment during the party when the child gets to be part of the creation of their very own canvas cake.    One good photo later and the short life of the cake is preserved for an eternity.  Frame the photo and now you really have created a special memory that keeps longer than construction paper hearts.


Custom Canvas Cake