Most days making custom cakes really feels like an advanced art class. I play with clay-like sugar paste, mix colors, hand mold things, paint them. I have a need to make something every day, and my job definitely sates me. Since starting on my cake journey there are fewer and fewer crafty or home projects, which makes my husband happy, and I’m quite satisfied by the creative outlet specialty cakes offer me.

But I’m also a pasty chef, absolutely, madly in love with the ingredients I get to work with. Can you believe I actually enjoy cracking eggs? I love the texture of sugar. It gives me dreams of white sand beaches. While other custom cake bakers tend to focus and limit their flavor offerings, I try to expand. You want a cake flavored for a Dark and Stormy, your favorite cocktail? I’m your girl. A childhood favorite of strawberry banana, you got it! There is pretty extensive cake flavor list on the site, but its really only a starting point, an inspiration board. Everything about Sugar Couture Cakes is custom, down to the soaking syrup.

This fall I’ve been dreaming of sticky toffee pudding. I adore the rich caramelized flavor of the moist dates that speckle it. Sprinkled with a rum caramel sauce and it packs all the rich soul satisfying flavor I adore in the traditional dessert, but stays bit more stable than the traditional “pudding”. I’ve added a bit of orange and spice to round out the flavors for a delicious wedding cake your guests will talk about long after the crumbs are cleared. Pair it with a salty caramel buttercream and I’m sure it will be gobbled up no matter how full everyone is.
There are a few reasons I pretty much demand to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Gravy and cranberry sauce are the two main ones. I’d eat the two together over a slice of bread if I could. Well, maybe I have, or maybe that was just a dream I had while sleepwalking…

So to say I’m pretty passionate about cranberry is an understatement. Cranberries are only available for a short time, so I’m making the most of it with my Cranberry Hazelnut Spice cake. A bittersweet cranberry compote is swirled into the cake, accented by the flavors of orange, cinnamon and clove. A hazelnut
crumble adds a bit of sweet nutty crunch. Pair it with a brown sugar buttercream, and you’ll be craving this cake, all year long.

When you’re thinking about your specialty cake, don’t forget to consider a specialty flavor!