Its tradition.  You keep the top tier of your wedding cake to share with your husband on your first anniversary.  You pack the cake, wrap it with love.

 You bury it in the back of your freezer hoping that it will be just as scrumptious coming out as it was going in.   Then you make a big lasagna and freeze half of it.  You stock up for ice cream emergencies.  You move the cake from spot to spot, making room for other things, and watch it over the year getting bumped, dented, frosty and just really not appetizing any more.  And if its 2012, and hurricane Sandy has come and gone, your freezer loses power a month before your anniversary and the cake that you’ve spent 11 months caring for, and shuttling around the freezer is lost.

The truth is that today, few couples keep the top tier.   So many times I’ve been surprised to hear that they’re not even aware of the tradition. Lucky they aren’t in the UK…. they keep the cakes until the first child’s christening!  Talk about stale cake.  Generally though that was a liquor soaked fruit cake, and we all know how long those can last.

Still, sharing a bite of cake on your first anniversary is a lovely way to commemorate the day, and a way to stop time from flying for just a moment.  Luckily for the bride that lost her first anniversary tier to Sandy, Sugar Couture makes mini anniversary cakes that are replicas of your original wedding cake in its original flavor.  And even better, the minimum order amount doesn’t apply. Moist and delicious, a fresh anniversary cake not only celebrates where you’ve been, but where you’re on your way to.

photo by Robert and Kathleen Photographers


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