I’ve been making wedding cakes for more than 8 years now.  Over that time, I’d never experienced a cancellation, that is until we started getting pummeled with these crazy hurricanes and “Perfect Storms”.  The first time someone postponed a wedding was for Hurricane Irene, and that wasn’t until the very last second.   I had a lot of cake to “donate” after that, and so became very friendly with my neighbors.  Lots of things stopped and were put on hold through hurricane Sandy.  So this February, as we were getting more predictions for the latest Super Storm I worried that Gretchen’s wedding the next day at Brooklyn Winery might be affected.  When I checked in, I think she might have thought I was a little silly… nothing was going to stop her wedding from happening and certainly not a little bit of snow…or rain… or wind…

Brooklyn Winery Wedding

Brooklyn Winery Wedding

It ended up being quite a lot of snow, but it had stopped well before Gretchen’s day started and the wedding went on without even the faintest hint of anything standing in its way.  And if it dared, the warmth and joy in this room were going to melt it all away.

Brooklyn Winery was transformed into a gorgeous, earthy celebration space and Erica from Clean Plate Pictures captured it all beautifully. I love seeing the cake cutting photos…  love that shot of the first cut into cake, the peek if you will.



And how can you not love this one….

Brooklyn Winery Wedding

Maybe I’m projecting, but that one look says “this is the most rich, decadent, scrumptious bite I’ve ever had.  I’m in heaven.”  Okay, I’m heavily projecting, but its still a pretty fantastic shot.    And these are just some of my favorites.

 Head over to Clean Plate Pictures and see the whole wedding, all the smiles, the dancing, the fun and love…