Like pretty much everyone that ever lived, I’ve always wished I could sing.  Way back when, in another lifetime, I took vocal lessons for a while. My instructor and first gay crush, picked Send in the Clowns for my first song.  I was like 12.   Send in the Clowns?  Really?     Since then I’ve hit one or two pretty amazing notes, only to disappoint whomever was listening moments later when it all came crashing down.    I never really had the interest in learning an instrument, and the poor guy who tried to teach me to read music a few years ago, soon realized there was really no point.  Its a good thing I managed to develop a few other talents.

Though I might not be able to play any of them, I’ve been able to make some pretty great instrument cakes.  Wedding Cake guitars, electric and acoustic, birthday cake drums, graduation cake clarinet and a pretty fun sax cake for the jazz great Sonny Rollins.   And, for good measure,  a still very musical birthday cake for a DJ.


Oh, and I still sing, but only when I’m alone, and with the car windows rolled up.