I really do love making cakes, but sometimes its fun to shake things up.  Lately there have been more and more requests for single bite sweets for stunning wedding dessert tables.   Its been so much fun for me to change pace and break out the pastry chef skills to create some delectable mini beauties.  Petit fours are usually though of as thin layers of moist almond cake , sandwiched with a thin layer of apricot preserves and glazed in an elegant slip of poured fondant.   The truth is though that any single bite pastry is considered a petit four and the options are endless.  What’s most important is that each bite packs a lot of satisfying flavor in a small package.

For this wedding the theme was Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the colors were blue, lavender and gold, with a touch of yellow.  We provided the bride with a pretty extensive proposal  and she settled on a selection of six, including traditional cake petit fours, macarons, lemon lavender tarts, chocolate hazelnut tarts and my specialty…pistachio anise poached pear tarts.

The petit fours were adorned with a touch of edible gold leaf or a real edible candied viola.



One of my very favorite new offerings are our hand painted monogram macarons.  How stunning are these?

sugar couture painted macarons

Dessert pastries can be matched to your favorite bites, themes and colors.   The possibilites are endless and delicious!