When clients come in for wedding cake consults, I beg them not to bring photos of other cakes.  Its not my policy to copy other’s work, and when there is a beautiful photo on the table its so hard to find the way to something new.  Instead, I encourage images of absolutely everything else.  Colors, textures, patterns, fabric, interior design, antiques, jewelry, fashion all have so much to offer in terms of getting to know a client’s tastes and finding the exact right cake for them, and inspire the little details that make all the difference.  I’ve said it a million times, but here I go again, creativity doesn’t flourish in a vacuum.

Ashleigh came prepared.  A talented fashion designer with a focus on the delicate details, Ashleigh didn’t know what she wanted her cake to be, but she knew what she loved.  And when she laid an actual dress on the table, I knew immediately what her cake would look like.     Its not always that easy.  Usually it takes a few misses before cake designer and client can look at a sketch and know that’s the cake.  But not this time.   I was able to use the delicate details of her work in mine, and it became a great collaboration.  Her beautiful clothes made it so easy.

They also set the bar pretty high.  As a cake designer, I have an emotional stake in all my work, but when working with someone else’s work, its even more important to get it right, because they will know. They know the details as well as I do and more than anything, I want my clients to feel that I get them.  That I understand something about who they are and find some way to translate that into a cake.  What a thrill to hear from Ashleigh on Monday morning…

Thanks to Ashleigh for inspiring this cake.  I couldn’t have done it without her.

To see more of her work, visit her site   www.verrier-fashion.com