When I made this cake, I spent more than 8 hours painting all the little gray boxes on the side of the trunk cake.  After that, while nursing my sore wrists, I swore I’d never do it again.  Two weeks later I had a new order for another version of it.  Lesson of the day…  Never Say Never.

pink trunk cake detailsThe first cake was for a 40th birthday  of a mother of 3.  It featured her passions, family, home and of course shopping!   This latest one would be a Sweet 16 cake.  Vanessa loves all things pink, gold, elegant and sparkly.  Couldn’t agree more on the sparkly part.    The Cakestory we told  honored her dual heritage and put her on the  over of Vogue.     Details included all kinds of make up and brushes, Beats by Dr Dre, a pink purse, golden mirror, sparkly gold shoes and a blown sugar perfume bottle with her logo on it, all made from different kinds of sugar, and all completely edible.

pink trunk cake shoesLuckily for me, I figured out a better technique for painting those squares on the designer trunk cake.  This time around it only took me 3 1/2 hours.  So there’s that.

Any cake can be reimagined with someone new in mind.   Change the colors, a few of the details, and while it is essentially the same, its completely different and tells an entirely new story. And for me, telling stories is what cake is all about.
pink trunk cake