Getting married?  Know someone who is?  Well here is all you need to know to get started on your dream custom wedding cake.  I spoke with Colin Cowie Weddings to discuss all the basics and gave some great tips on finding inspiration for your perfect wedding cake.

We covered topics including when to book, inspiration, shapes and styles, trends and flavors.    One of my favorite tips is about contradictions.  So often couples come in and offer conflicting ideas and feel uncomfortable about that.  But that is the perfect place to be to find something new…


As you talk about the event, details, style and your personal tastes with your cake designer, he or she will probably start to sketch and include many of the ideas that you’re discussing. Penny encourages her couples to tell her whenever she’s hit on something that they do, or don’t, like. Even if they don’t seem to make sense as they’re discussed, considering contradictory details or elements will help you “find the place in between where you can create something beautiful and unique.”


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